November 24, 2020

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
 by Confucius

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a designed partnership between client and coach where the coaching relationship continually empowers you, the client. You are the only one who truly knows the answers to your life’s questions and challenges. Though you may not realize it, the  answers are in you and your coach will help you discover them.

How do you define your life?

…By your job, perhaps by others expectations of you, by your family responsibilities, or maybe by your circumstances? For a moment just imagine and breathe in what your life would be like if you defined it by your dreams, your passions, your values, your heart and your soul. Let yourself imagine it and just breathe it in. It’s perfectly fine to let yourself get excited about such a life; perhaps you have a very content smile as you wander around in this desired life of yours.

The idea of creating enduring change in one’s life is both powerful and daunting, but just as a seed needs time and nutrients to grow into a flourishing tree your personal growth and/or professional development will benefit from the support and partnership of a life coach.

Now imagine a relationship in which someone listens, really listens to you – not just to your words, but to what’s behind them and what’s between them — the nuances, the emotion, and the energy. By working with Heather McBride, CPCC, you will reach for and grow in your desired direction.

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