November 24, 2020


Your Trusted Partner, Heather McBride, CPCC

Imagine a professional relationship where the total focus is on you – your dreams, aspirations, motivations, values, and passions. A relationship in which someone listens, really listens to you – not just to your words, but to what’s behind them and what’s between them — the nuances, the emotion, and the energy.

Together we will strengthen your roots and help you grow toward your desired direction.

When you design your alliance with me, we create a relationship that is open, honest, upfront and free of judgment. Our coaching relationship becomes a safe place in which you can express everything and anything you think and feel.

As a coach, I will take you to your limits and be with you as you fumble, fail and fly – encouraging you to press on, celebrating your victories and helping you learn from your setbacks. I will help you to clarify your goals, articulate your values and provide the tools for action and learning so that you can move boldly toward your dreams and goals.

Coaching Sessions

I offer individual, one-on-one coaching sessions that are customized for your life – we can meet in-person or over the phone; we can meet weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. I request a twelve session commitment to allow time for our relationship to grow and for you to start to achieve your dreams.

The idea of creating enduring change in one’s life is both powerful and daunting. Just as a seed needs time and nutrients to grow into a flourishing tree, your personal growth and/or professional development will benefit from the support and partnership of a life coach.

Heather McBride, CPCC.